This weekend my friend Erica took some maternity photos for me and I was in charge of editing. I can safely say that editing isn’t one of the funnest jobs. I was fortunate to have found a great action from the Coffee Shop Blog which made the job a little more palatable.  I’m pretty sure if I should maybe invest in Lightroom instead of using Photoshop.

Anyhow, I’m 36 weeks and 3 days along here. And maybe you see twins or triplets in my future but I can assure you there is only one bouncy big girl.  I say big because last week I got a growth scan and the ultrasound said that baby girl was already 6lbs 13oz!!! And her head in the 97th percentile! Whoa! Hope its wrong is all I can say. Doc said I look even larger than normal because I have extra amniotic fluid.

So here’s the pics.


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Spring ’11 Shoot

A few months ago I made the dive and upgraded to a Canon T2i. I convinced my husband that I’d make all the money back we spent on the camera by doing product photography. So far I’ve only had one paying  gig shooting some delicious food for a mexican restaurant but haven’t really had time since to put my services out there in the world to get more gigs. So the good news is I have a really awesome camera and an adorable little girl to use as a subject. Today I decided to take advantage of the beautiful oasis of wild daisies that’s growing by this company called The Dirt Yard, who happens to sell, well….Dirt!   I had my mom act as the baby wrangler/ lighting reflector grip which was a hard feat since the wind was blowing my 5′ reflector like a para-sail. We happened upon this patch of dirt and an old whiskey bottle was there which I thought was kind of rustic and fitting for the scene. Though in retrospect it probably wasn’t too appropriate of a prop to use with a 19 month old. Overall I think they turned out good. I didn’t have time to edit them so you can see shadowing and some we couldn’t keep her still enough to use the reflector. But I do think I got some decent poses out of this sleepy, but mostly cooperative baby. (click photo to see larger)