Ditching the Diapers

Today marks 11 days since I ditched diapers with my first born. It was kind of a bittersweet moment since that means she’s growing up.

Here’s our story.

At 18 months I bought a cute potty chair. It was a great novelty with its shiny flush handle and its giggly personality. I had no intention of rushing potty training at this moment as I wanted it to be the most pleasant experience possible. Toilets and learning about where waste comes from are pretty scary things. For a few weeks before I also took her with me to the bathroom and showed her how things worked and let her flush the toilet to say goodbye to the waste.

Surprisingly she took right to the potty and went #1. I decided to ask her everyday for a week if she wanted to use the potty. Most of the time she ignored me. I let her run around naked for a day and she went 1 and 2 all over the place rather than in the potty. Eep. Fast forward a couple weeks after weaning, I learned that I was pregnant! I halted potty training for fear of regression when the baby was born. Not to mention I didn’t want to constantly clean pee of the floor. In retrospect this was preposterous and I probably should have continued, but I digress. During gestation with number two I taught Willow where waste comes from and with the help of my best friend we gave her body parts names. Yoni and Butty Butt. We discussed them when she went quite often just to be familiar. Every now and then between diaper changes I’d ask her if she wanted to go potty and she would be rewarded with chocolate chips. I’d say during the nine months of pregnancy she went about a dozen times. It was hard for her to say yes when she really had to go vs. just saying yes because she wanted to sit on the potty. During this time my sister gave us her old potty reducer and Willow sat on that a few times and went in the big potty.

Pregnancy went quickly, baby was born and then it was time to get to business. Again. At approximately 8 weeks postpartum, cleaning horrible smelly toddler poo, and washing loads of diapers every other day, I decided I was totally done with diapering two.

So 11 days ago Willow woke up from her long night’s slumber, I took her night diaper off and said lets go potty and then wear underwear. I refused to go back. My good friend bought Willow some Yo Gabba Gabba underwear which was an added incentive to wearing them. Right away she went potty. I made a huge deal and gave her stickers for her to put on a chart and some chocolate chips. The first day we had two accidents. One of which was #2 ewww. The second day we had another #2 accident. I’d remind her each time that she needs to ask me when she has to go.

By day three no accidents not even during nap! I’m still not brave enough to ditch the diapers at night, however by day 4 she has had a dry diaper 5 nights in a row, by day 9 she asked me at 3am to go potty (didn’t really look forward to that since I’m already up nursing my newborn).

Here’s how we did it.

#1 – Ask every 15 minutes if they have to go. By day 4 they might start telling you they have to go. But it could take longer depending on the child. Take them if they say yes even if they went 15 minutes ago. The more time on the toilet the better.

#2 – Don’t use pull ups or diaper like trainers. Underwear are best because when they have accidents they feel everything and can see it on the floor and down their leg. They do make training underwear with PUL (water proof liner) that allow the child to still feel wet, are thin like underwear so its easy to pull up and down. Make sure you allow them to pull the underwear up and down (with a little assistance). Underwear with their favorite character REALLY help motivate. Take child with you when you pick them out.

#3 – Don’t make a big deal or get mad about accidents just move along and remind them to ask. Make sure they help you clean up their mess and show them where they are supposed to put their poop and pee.

#4 – Reward pee with something small, Reward poo with something big! We used chocolate chips for pee and Suckers for poo. We stopped rewards after day 7 unless she asks for them. Some kids may need/want them for months. Slowly take them away with each successful elimination.

Now that she’s potty trained we have some new dynamics. By day 3 we took our first outing; a thirty minute walk around the block. I asked if she had to go potty before the walk; she did and went. Had she not went I probably would have waited until she did. I told her good job for going and said “Now we can go for a walk.” By day 5 we took a three hour outing to home depot. Yeah crazy I know, we had a lot of stuff to buy since we’re redoing our backyard.

Here’s how we go out.

# 1 –  Ask if they have to go potty BEFORE you leave. Ask 10 minutes before and right before you leave even if they went 10 minutes ago. Sometimes they hold back…and leave some in the tank.

# 2 – Get a piddle pad for the car seat or stroller just in case there’s an accident. I ordered custom pads from this seller on Etsy. She can make them with any fabric and add a layer of PUL (waterproof fabric) inside.

# 3 – Get a Potette (portable toilet) if you’re going to be somewhere without toilets such as a park. You can bring grocery bags and a gerber cloth diaper to catch waste if you’re the crunchy type. Or use a grocery bag and a disposable diaper. The Potette also can be used to put over public toilets however, they’re kind of slippery. I’m not saying this is right or wrong but dogs do their business on the grass so some might not be opposed to letting their child do their business right on the grass in a potette and then using a doggie bag to throw it away.

#4 – If you’re using a public toilet (you can use a paper towel, some liquid sanitizer and rub the seat down if you’re a germaphobe) one of my friends suggested to remove one pant leg and turn the child backwards on the toilet. It sounds crazy but it acts as a reducer since the elonganted public toilets are smaller toward the front.

#5 – Even if your child is telling you now that they have to go to the bathroom, while out in public continue to ask them every half hour or more if they’ve had liquid during the outing.

#6 – Always pack extra underwear, a change of clothes, and a few Gerber cloth diapers are great for the kid to sit on in grocery carts in case there’s an accident. If going out for a long time then pack accordingly in case of multiple accidents.

That’s it! I wish potty training success to all my fellow mamas out there. I think 70% is your willingness and 30% is the child’s readiness. Once you commit stay committed! Have fun underwear shopping in your near future 🙂


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40 weeks and 6 days

Forty weeks and six days I was on a pretty awesome pregnancy journey with my second child, Winter. Not that it was all peaches and roses (is that the expression?) but I was trying to savor as much as I could for this second child could be my last.

Each week starting from the first week I found out I was pregnant (5 weeks) I took a crappy iPhone photo (which I recently found out the bad quality was due to my scratched lens) to document the growth of my growing belly, something I wish I would have done with my first as well. So here goes…

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Winter is Here

Winter Scarlet born March 13, 2012 at 3:03pm.

She’s healthy and perfect in every way.

Here’s my short and sweet birth story:

Around 36 weeks the midwives did a growth scan as I was measuring fairly large. We learned that baby girl was going to weigh between 8-9.5lbs and also that I had too much amniotic fluid. I then had to go twice a week for fetal non stress tests to monitor the baby and the fluid. Around 38 weeks I learned that the placenta was calcifying. By 40 weeks my fluid levels returned to normal fortunately however I was not dilated at all! I intended to do a VBAC with this baby assuming I went into labor on my own on or before 41 weeks. Well that didn’t happen and I wasn’t going to go through an induction as pitocin is very strenuous on the uterus and I didn’t want to risk uterine rupture or placental abruption since it was already calcifying. So at the advice from several OB’s, several midwives who all reviewed my case from my first c-section and this pregnancy decided it would be the safest option for me to do a repeat section.  I picked a date, the 13th, exactly 2 1/2 years after Willow was born. If I didn’t go into labor by then then it was a repeat section for me. The 12th I had a preop appointment where they said baby girl was between 8 1/2 to 9 1/2lbs, was in the low transverse position (head down looking sideways) and still had zero effacement and dilation. I’m pretty sure Winter would have stayed put forever.

Willow spent the night at my mom’s the night before and gave me and the hubs some time to collect ourselves and spend some quality time together reflecting on the changes that we’re about to experience. That was a nice moment. We got to the hospital at 8am and were scheduled for a 10am delivery. It was all so surreal with the prepping, paperwork, and ease of everything. The girl sharing the preop room with me was scheduled before me. She walked to the OR and an hour later was wheeled back in a bed holding her baby! That was just completely weird to me. They came to me and said that a laboring mom had to have an  emergency section so my delivery got pushed back. Out wheeled my first roommate and in came the girl with the e-section with her new baby. I was so anxious at this point and the anticipation was killing me. I remained calm though. Finally my turn was here. It was about 2pm. I left Phil to get prepped for surgery while he put on his scrubs.

I walked in, sat on the operating table. I was alone as they didn’t want husbands in until the epidural was placed and the privacy curtain drawn. It was cold, as if penguins could occupy the place. I was shaking.   They placed the epidural and my charge nurse held my hand and let me squeeze as they poked me.  At the prospects of knowing in just a few minutes I’d be hearing a baby cry, in just a few minutes my body would undergo a major surgery, in just a few minutes there was no way for me to turn back and have a vbac, in just a few minutes i’d be a family of four, I started to cry once they laid me down. Finally my husband was at my side. He held my hand, stroked my head and all was right in the world again. He is my rock in this storm. And minutes later they said, “You’re going to feel some pressure”. I felt as if my soul was being ripped out with the weight of an elephant on my chest and then the sensation quickly faded as I heard the beautiful cry of my second daughter. She was a lot louder than Willow was. She continued to cry as they cleaned her up. My husband quickly went over and stayed at her side while they were closing me up. Of course, flooded with emotion, we both had tears of joy. After he cut the cord he brought her over for me to see.

I wheeled into recovery and everything was calm and I had zero exhaustion like I did during Willow’s labor/delivery. This is what multiple c-section mom’s kept telling me, that everything would be so easy, especially recovery since I didn’t have a trial of labor.  Winter latched right on. All I could do is stare at her and get mesmerized all over again. My legs were paralyzed for about four hours before feeling slowly crept back in. The itch as common after a spinal was incredible, but fortunately for me it was mainly inside my nostrils! Needless to say I had the cleanest nose in town after that.

The next day my dad, step mom, sister, mom and daughter came to visit us. We took a video of Willow meeting her sister for the first time. It was so magical how completely enthralled Willow was to meet her sister. At 2 1/2 you don’t expect them to really understand, but she DID!

I held both my girls for the first time that day too. It was so special and emotional. I was in love twice as much as before.

Finally the next day, just 44 hours after major surgery, we went home. I don’t much care for hospitals. And my recovery according to the nurses was miraculous. I took only a few ibuprofin and zero narcotic pain killers. They were amazed.

Home at last. And that’s it. Our little family is complete….maybe?

Between day 7 and 10 I took Winter’s newborn photos and some sibling photos.


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This weekend my friend Erica took some maternity photos for me and I was in charge of editing. I can safely say that editing isn’t one of the funnest jobs. I was fortunate to have found a great action from the Coffee Shop Blog which made the job a little more palatable.  I’m pretty sure if I should maybe invest in Lightroom instead of using Photoshop.

Anyhow, I’m 36 weeks and 3 days along here. And maybe you see twins or triplets in my future but I can assure you there is only one bouncy big girl.  I say big because last week I got a growth scan and the ultrasound said that baby girl was already 6lbs 13oz!!! And her head in the 97th percentile! Whoa! Hope its wrong is all I can say. Doc said I look even larger than normal because I have extra amniotic fluid.

So here’s the pics.


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It’s a . . .

I’m officially out of the first trimester approaching the halfway mark and heading into the long stretch til labor day! Willow is going to make one awesome big sister and will be getting a http://www.unusualattractions.com/good-price-us-based-binary-options-brokers-under-50-sale LITTLE SISTER with an estimated due date of March 7. 2012. As a graphic designer by trade its no guess that I would have created a special shirt to announce my pregnancy to the world. I made a custom Leelow bee character and used an iron transfer on a yellow shirt.


So far the pregnancy has been uneventful other than a case of symphasis pubis dysfunction (SPD) which is a painful sharp pain in your pubic bone.

12 and 18 week ultrasounds show a perfectly healthy developing baby GIRL and we’re so very excited to see her.

I stole the idea of using a pink ribbon from google images to announce that we were having a girl and of course adding the big sister was a must.

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