Round 2… Fight!

source Round two of our attempts to own a small piece of LA. We put in an offer today for a cute house (in much better shape than our first offer) in Burbank. We constantly struggle with the fact that our monthly rent will be doubling. We go back and forth and wonder if this is the right move in such a scary economy. But the fact is, we’ve increased our rent so much within the last eight years and we’ve always been able to handle it. We are also older now and paying more attention to the media and that makes home buying less than digestible. So note to self: stop listening to NPR.

Binäre optionen auszahlung We will find out on Friday if our daughter will get a new house.

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No Nest Yet Though we were in the top ten offers for the house in Burbank, today we learned that someone beat us out with a an all cash offer. We can’t top that with a ten foot pole. So our daughter doesn’t have her own nest yet. We’re hoping that another house will get listed soon. The only way to be homeowner’s in LA is to have cash, know the person your buying the house from, or get lucky. *sigh*

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Searching for a New Rats Nest

Binäre optionen strategie video When parents have said in the past to me they have unconditional love for their children I never really knew what that meant. I still probably won’t know the full extent of it until my daughter is born in 5 weeks. I’ve experienced complete parental mind takeover in that I have consistently made sure I try to do everything right in my pregnancy, in the impending birth, and in life style changes.

One thing that has recently had me and Phil completely freaked out was not owning a house. A light bulb dawned on us one day as we were looking at a scheduled bill payment to pay off a credit card which was a few thousand dollars. We looked at each other and I said we should use this money towards a down payment. We can find something affordable I’m sure.

From that moment the hunt for a new rats nest was on. We put in an offer for a house in Burbank that was way too underpriced. We ended up putting in an even higher offer so that we could be considered at the top of the list. We are anxiously waiting results of our offer and hope to be home owners very soon.

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The Hunt is On

One of my co-workers referred me to his Bradley instructor, who then referred me to a midwife in Beverly Hills. I met with her today. She was a lovely human being who totally understood my desire to have a wonderful birth experience. But…..and there always is one, she is not in my health insurance network.

Her fee’s are stiff and you have to pay upfront. Insurance will pay a portion of these costs but not guaranteed all of them. If I did medically need a c-section I’d most likely get NO reimbursement.

So again I walk off with my tail tucked between my legs, feeling defeated. Back to the drawing board in my hunt for a midwife in my insurance network.

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Today Was a Sad Day

My rat, Jak passed away. He has fought through great odds and I miss him terribly.
Jak the Rat
I got Jak as food for my snake Jaaphar but the snake wouldn’t eat him so I
kept Jak as a pet. He was so cool, he did tricks, he new his name, he would play
cool rat games. We burried him tonight at Averill park under the beautiful light
of a full moon.
He died of a tumor that I could not afford to have removed. All the vets said
they wanted in excess of $300, so I had to watch him wither away with a lump
in his belly. Jak lived for 3 years which is actually an above average life span.
I wanted to share my joy and sorrow that I had with Jak the Rat this is not
a joke I’m very sad. I miss you Jak.
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