Today I spent mothers day with my mom and daughter and I feel so fortunate to have them both in my life at. This is my second mothers day and I only have a few more before I can reap the benefit of getting breakfast in bed. 😛 My husband at least was nice and did the dishes first thing. 🙂

We three went to a bonsai exhibit today to celebrate since we both share an interest. I saw the fine artistry of a few horticulturist and some pretty amazing bonsai, some of which were 30 years in the making.

My favorite was what looked like a giant sequoia from afar but was really a type of what looked to be a fern.




I also really enjoyed the miniaturized boganvilia with their perfect pink flowers.











I came home with three bonsai. One for my deck, desk, and mom.


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My baby ate her diaper cream!

The changing pad cover was in the wash so I put down diapering essentials on the rug in Willow’s room. I laid out some cloth wipes, a new cloth diaper, and her diaper cream. The phone rang, I could tell it was important by the serious tone it rang. Okay that’s bs, but the phone really did ring. I answered it and came back totally forgotten about said essential diapering items on the floor and saw the baby eating her diaper cream!

In most cases the amount of diaper cream ingested would warrant most parents a trip to the ER for some stomach pumping. But me… I giggled at the “shiny”, as my daughter calls it, all over her face and hands. You see we use Coconut Oil as diaper cream! So ingestion is far from a problem. A common diaper rash in quite a lot of babies is caused by yeast. Coconut Oil prevents the growth of yeast and therefore eliminates the yeast diaper rash. It also helps act as a barrier to moisture in cloth diapers.

Coconut Oil is one of the best monounsaturated fats you can eat, its also an excellent emollient to add to your skin care regimen. There are many other uses of coconut oil and according to many websites this is the modern day cure-all. So pick up a jar of Coconut Oil and slather it on!



Happy New Year!

Okay so I’m 12 days late but better than never.  This year I’ve decided was my year. Not because the end of the world is supposed to happen next year but because I’m tired of not having a dishwasher. Yes… I want a dishwasher! There are quite a few steps that have to take place in order for me to achieve this dream of owning a machine that washes my dishes.

Sh*t or get off the pot!

1.) Stop procastinating. So my saying for 2011 will be “sh*t or get off the pot.” This includes all areas of my life because if you’re lazy in one area chances are you’ll be lazy in another. so:
a. eat better
b. walk the dogs
c. exercise regularly
d. plan my day and not lounge on social networks like a sunning walrus

2.) Make more money. I plan to do this by launching a natural pet products business and ramping up my graphic/web design business QuasiCo with larger monetized projects.

3.) With earned money stock it away in to some kushy saving’s account and let it sit for about a year racking up compounding interest.

4.)  Buy a house with said money. One that includes a dishwasher. Goal achieved.

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Golden ( . Y . ) Awards

If you’re a mom and on babycenter you may have seen these symbols ( . )( . )  in some of the user’s signatures. These are various colored boobs and are a symbol of the GOLDEN BOOB AWARDS. I’m not quite sure who started the awards but they took off like wild fire. Basically you get a colored set of boobs in your signature that change according to the length of time you’ve been nursing or pumping breastmilk. I have officially earned my Golden Boob Award as of September 13, 2010!!!

enter site Here’s a break down of the colors: Bronze = nursed for at least 3 months
get link Silver = nursed for at least 6 months
Binary options broker Gold = nursed for at least 1 year
go site Platinum = nursed for at least 18 months Double Platinum = nursed over 2 years

Each child nursed/pumped gets a set of boobs in the respective color for the time period spent breastfeeding/pumping.

watch And below are some boob icons:

Exclusively Pumped Boobs ( P )( P )
Fake Silicone Boobs ( + )( + )
Perky Boobs (*)(*)
Big Nipple Boobs (@)(@)
A Cups o o
D Cups { O }{ O }
Wonder Bra Boobs (oYo)
Cold Boobs ( ^ )( ^ )
Lopsided Boobs (o)(O)
Pierced Nipple Boobs (Q)(O)
Granny Boobs \ o /\ o /
Deflated Boobs V V
Uneven Boobs (.)( . )
Clevage Boobs ( • Y • )

After seeing yesterday’s Similac formula recall it made me so thankful that I was able to exclusively breastfeed. There is still a large stigma for nursing mothers. Here’s hoping the future brings enlightenment and acceptance to those that scoff and scowl, more women nursing their children, and support for those that are having a hard time.

I have been nursing now for one year and closing in on two weeks. I will practice child led weaning for the most part but we’re working on cutting out the 3am nursing sessions so I can get some better sleep. yay!

*update April 2011* Platinum status has been earned! Sadly this is my final color change as my daughter has weaned.
*update July 2011* Looks like I’ll be getting a second award starting this March 2012! our new little girl is on the way 🙂


Nine Eleven a Remembrance

I remember being on my way to work at 5:30am. I was listening to KROQ and Kevin & Bean announce over the radio that a plane hit a building. I’d never heard them sound so somber. A short time later I had arrived at work and we were watching the news. Another plane hits the second tower. My  heart sank and all of those thousands of people haven’t left my mind since. Today marks 9 years of this tragic day and all of these poor souls will be in my heart until my time is here.

On 9/11 before I went to bed I wrote this remembrance and painted this scene from the news which left a lasting burning vision in my mind.

So here I lie among the waste
A nation of the great and here I lay
I was taken away from this place
Taken away from my family by this disgrace
Here I am spent amongst the soot
Treading on this land with my weighted foot
Sunk in my place for the rest of this day
My people around me unable to save
This is my final prayer before I go
Into the abyss into the unknown
I was taken away from this place
Without my consent you’ve shattered my space
It all happened so very fast
Everyone got out but I was last
I could have escaped but I had no chance
I felt my world move beneath
All the frantic people below on the street
I knew it was over I’m the victim in their path
I was taken away by the attack
Although I’m gone I say this to you
I am in a better place now and I’ll always miss you.

-charlee christian nine eleven two thousand & one
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