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This weekend my friend Erica took some maternity photos for me and I was in charge of editing. I can safely say that editing isn’t one of the funnest jobs. I was fortunate to have found a great action from the Coffee Shop Blog which made the job a little more palatable.  I’m pretty sure if I should maybe invest in Lightroom instead of using Photoshop.

Anyhow, I’m 36 weeks and 3 days along here. And maybe you see twins or triplets in my future but I can assure you there is only one bouncy big girl.  I say big because last week I got a growth scan and the ultrasound said that baby girl was already 6lbs 13oz!!! And her head in the 97th percentile! Whoa! Hope its wrong is all I can say. Doc said I look even larger than normal because I have extra amniotic fluid.

So here’s the pics.


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