its a girl!

It’s a . . .

How do binary options daily david I’m officially out of the first trimester approaching the halfway mark and heading into the long stretch til labor day! Willow is going to make one awesome big sister and will be getting a Ig group binary options LITTLE SISTER with an estimated due date of March 7. 2012. As a graphic designer by trade its no guess that I would have created a special shirt to announce my pregnancy to the world. I made a custom Leelow bee character and used an iron transfer on a yellow shirt.

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Bdswiss So far the pregnancy has been uneventful other than a case of symphasis pubis dysfunction (SPD) which is a painful sharp pain in your pubic bone.

go 12 and 18 week ultrasounds show a perfectly healthy developing baby GIRL and we’re so very excited to see her.

I stole the idea of using a pink ribbon from google images to announce that we were having a girl and of course adding the big sister was a must.

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