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Big Sister

enter site Today is 4th of July and I just found out that Willow is going to be a big sister! We are all over the moon with joy though this post will be kept secret until my level II ultrasound ensures this little bean has stuck around.

Binäre optionen definition We got pregnant on the second cycle after Willow weaned in April 2011. Considering it took us 4 years to get pregnant with our first we were a bit taken back that we got pregnant so quick! Though we had first started trying when Willow was 13 months (Oct 2010)  I didn’t track ovulation with OPK until April 2011.

http://thebestspy.com/binary-option-trading-assessing-the-possibilities-of-winning Here’s how I knew!

http://www.mshvmanos.com/steam-startoptionen-festlegen The prior week I’d been having round ligament pain and during the weekend it was really bad. I decided to rule out pregnancy first to see if I should go to the DR. for ovarian cysts which is another cause for round ligament pain. Well we got our BIG FAT POSITIVE on the Fourth of July. Based on a positive opk I should be around 5w4d with a March 5, 2012 due date. With our first I tested around 4w6d and the test was so faint that I tested again to be sure what I saw was a BFP. This time the test was so dark and showed up so quick that there was no doubt I was knocked up.

http://thebestspy.com/binary-options-system-development-life-cycle-buddy-v4 The prior day we had just finished telling my husband’s family that we’d decided to wait for our second for another two years since I was going to go back to work for a few years so we can buy a nice house. Two weeks prior I had even sent a notice to all my clients that I was shutting down for a while! Apparently other plans were in store for us and now we’d have to buy a cheaper house and I’d only be working for a few months before the baby comes. Though I think I should spend this time working on Mister Wilson’s. Who knows if a house is in store for us. We shall see.


follow My symptoms this week are cramps cramps cramps and tons of round ligament pain. I’ve also been getting indigestion and my stomach burns if I don’t eat enough.

Our first ultrasound just three days later confirm our little blueberry floating around in the blackness that is my uterus.

Happy 31st birthday to me 🙂 What a present!



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