golden boob awards

Golden ( . Y . ) Awards

If you’re a mom and on babycenter you may have seen these symbols ( . )( . )  in some of the user’s signatures. These are various colored boobs and are a symbol of the . I’m not quite sure who started the awards but they took off like wild fire. Basically you get a colored set of boobs in your signature that change according to the length of time you’ve been nursing or pumping breastmilk. I have officially earned my Golden Boob Award as of September 13, 2010!!! Here’s a break down of the colors:

Bronze = nursed for at least 3 months
Silver = nursed for at least 6 months
Gold = nursed for at least 1 year
Platinum = nursed for at least 18 months
Double Platinum = nursed over 2 years

Each child nursed/pumped gets a set of boobs in the respective color for the time period spent breastfeeding/pumping.

And below are some boob icons:

Exclusively Pumped Boobs ( P )( P )
Fake Silicone Boobs ( + )( + )
Perky Boobs (*)(*)
Big Nipple Boobs (@)(@)
A Cups o o
D Cups { O }{ O }
Wonder Bra Boobs (oYo)
Cold Boobs ( ^ )( ^ )
Lopsided Boobs (o)(O)
Pierced Nipple Boobs (Q)(O)
Granny Boobs \ o /\ o /
Deflated Boobs V V
Uneven Boobs (.)( . )
Clevage Boobs ( • Y • )

After seeing yesterday’s Similac formula recall it made me so thankful that I was able to exclusively breastfeed. There is still a large stigma for nursing mothers. Here’s hoping the future brings enlightenment and acceptance to those that scoff and scowl, more women nursing their children, and support for those that are having a hard time.

I have been nursing now for one year and closing in on two weeks. I will practice child led weaning for the most part but we’re working on cutting out the 3am nursing sessions so I can get some better sleep. yay!

*update April 2011* Platinum status has been earned! Sadly this is my final color change as my daughter has weaned.
*update July 2011* Looks like I’ll be getting a second award starting this March 2012! our new little girl is on the way 🙂


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