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Since I’ve started cloth diapering a lot of my friends and mom’s in my mommy group ( hi you know you who are) have asked me questions about cloth diapering. Here are some of my favorite resources and tips on cloth diapering to hopefully help someone that looking in to cloth diapering too. The more converts we get to cloth diapering the better off this world will be.  So here is my spiel. Enjoy. And by all means please feel free to ask me any questions. TYPES:

There are many types of diapers. I use hybrids and fitteds.

My bullet proof go to diaper is GroVia Hybrid formerly known as GroBaby AI2. You can find GroBaby’s on the diaper swaps all the time. I wouldn’t pay more than $12-13 per shell and soaker. These diapers are waterproof, the shell is reusable for a few changes and they also have biodegradable disposable inserts you can buy separately which come in handy when you’re traveling. Other brands of hybrids include Flips, and GDiapers.

I also use what’s called a fitted. This is an evolution from the prefold diaper (the kind our parents used on us). They either close with snaps or a snappi or pins. They require a cover but we go coverless at home which lets the bum air out. It’s also great b/c I can tell when the baby wets. The biggest brand of fitteds include Goodmama and Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB). Other popular and up and coming boutique fitted brands are Nacho Dipes, Guerilla Fluff, Mudshrimps, Piddle Poodles, Cutiepoops, Rockstar Fluff, Raven Tree, and OMG the list goes on.

The other types of diapers are Pockets, Prefolds, All-in-Ones, Contours and Flats. The diaper type you pick should be one that fits your baby, is convenient to you and the people that also might be diapering your baby.


Only use diaper SAFE diaper creams. If a rash breaks out you either have to use liners (rice paper or microfleece) or you have to use sposies. Diaper creams like Desitin are NOT safe and will cause major fish stink in your diapers. They also cause repelling and the pee just bounces off the diapers rather than soaking in. For a list of creams check out the resources links below.

EBF (exclusively breast fed babies) diapers don’t require any care before the pail. Just toss in and wash as usual.

Prepare a solution of 30ml Ammonia Remover and 48oz of water in a spray bottle. Spray off each pee diaper before going into the pail. Check out my previous blog all about Ammonia.

After introducing solids you have to remove #2 before going into the pail. You can do this via a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet. Makes life convenient. Or you can try EC – elimination communication and catch the baby right before actually doing #2 and remove the diaper and off to the toilet. Spray each sprayed off #2 diaper with Bac-Out. You can get online at or you can buy at Sprouts/Wholefoods/Health Store etc.

Diapers can be stored in a dry pail (ie no water in the bottom). I use the saftey first diaper pail but any bucket with a lid will work. I also line it with a wet bag which can be purchased from the Natural Baby Co. (the large one).

I use cloth wipes which you can buy from etsy or from me, I make them turned and top stitched with flannel and terry. These are way more efficient at cleaning the bum and you can control what solution goes on them.

At each diaper change I will also apply extra virgin coconut oil (it melts when in contact with the skin) this keeps a coating between the baby and diaper much like diaper cream which helps keep moisture off the baby bits. It also prevents yeast rashes since yeast cannot grow in coconut.


Laundry should be done every 2-3 days no more than every 3 days or you’ll get some major funk. Wash consists of the following routine.


HOT WASH with cloth safe detergent



For a list of safe soaps check out this link. I can personally vouch for Rockin’ Green and Tiny Bubbles (by Natural Baby Co.) They have been great. But if you’re in a pinch you can use Planet which can be found at health food stores.


**Resources Websites and Communities:

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**Diaper Sprayer

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